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How to have a healthier Christmas

Christmas is the time for a little indulgence, but what if you could enjoy yourself and feel fantastic too.

Try these tips and swaps

Party Season Survival

Use these tips to feel brilliant during the party season

  1. Breakfast is key, start each day with a bowl of porridge topped with yoghurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Porridge helps stabilise the blood sugar levels, helping you to control your appetite later on.

  2. Stay hydrated, keep those fluid levels up – aim for those 2 litres a day, and include some herbal teas for variation. Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches, and if you have had a few drinkiepoos the night before the diuretic effect ( of alcohol will still take its toll on your body

  3. Snack sensibly arriving at a party ravenous makes it harder to resist temptation, and lead to over indulgence, a well timed snack can make all the difference. Try a small pot of yoghurt with some chopped banana – the protein in the yoghurt will help line your stomach and delay the effects of that first drink. Whilst the potassium in the bananas helps offset the salt in the other snacks such as nuts, olives or crisps.

  4. Back away from the buffet, slow down savour your choices, move away from the table as soon as your plate is full, you don’t need to try one of everything take what you know you will enjoy. Pick 3 or 4 options and really enjoy them.

Sweet Dreams

Are you feeling exhausted in the run up to Christmas try these ideas to help you sleep better

  1. Include lots of protein in your meals.Add an extra portion! – the amino acids and tryptophan found in foods such as chicken, turkey, tofu milk dairy and nuts combined with a good carbohydrate such as brown pasta or rice will help boost the melatonin levels helping you sleep better

  2. Reduce your caffeine intake- do it slowly especially late at night, preferably from lunchtime onwards.

  3. Avoid using computer tablet or mobile phone the blue tinted light can have a stimulating effect keeping you awake.

  4. Take time out to both relax and exercise this will help manage your stress levels, be careful when you exercise, too late in the evening can keep you awake as you tend to feel energised after exercise.

Hangover truths

It isn’t a myth that mixing your drinks can make a hangover worse.

When you mix drinks you are more likely to under estimate your intake and therefore drink more. All alcohol can cause hangovers, but dark drinks such as port red wine or dark spirits tend to be the worst type. Because they contain chemicals called congenerts, which contribute to their taste and colour.

What about the “other cure” such as painkillers before bed, eating a certain type of food, drink a pint of water, hair of the dog or vitamin C. There is no evidence to show any of them work, just drink in moderation and avoid the hangover is all we can suggest.

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