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Love love love the Body Blast class.  I always enjoy myself even if I'm sore then next few days after. There is great support either face to face or via Facebook. There has been free classes to attend and I loved my free boot camp trial, it was intense but a giggle.  Helena is such a laugh and never makes you do something your not happy with. I will be carrying on with my class without hesitation

J Jones

Body Blast (HiiT)

Who knew physically finding out what DOMS were would actually be so much fun! Helena is a great motivator who is no soft touch, there is absolutely no slacking in this class.

The class provides a varied amount of routines ranging from hiit through to pilates. Each week is different making the classes fun and spontaneous. I always feel that I have worked out on every level and my entire body has been used. Body Blast is a class I confidently attend with a friend but also alone as the environment is welcoming and everyone is equal regardless of ability and fitness. Strange as it sounds Body Blast is my weekly dose of fun and I look forward to feeling the workout days later as then I know I'm succeeding. No pain No Gain!

G Rogers

Body Blast (HiiT)

I love coming to your classes , you uplift us all , you always have a smile, and encourage us to do more!  Its a good work out as well as being fun!!  You don't realise you are getting fit at the same time !! It's great !!

P Boston

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