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First and foremost, our classes are suitable for all abilities.  We don't care if you are fat, we don't care if you are thin, we care that you are happy, and progressing with your fitness journey.  Whether you exercise regularly, or it has been a while since you have exercised, our classes will suit you. Everyone will be encouraged to work at their own level, regardless of who they may be next to. We pride ourselves on the fact that everyone feels a part of the classes, and feel like they have done all they can to improve their fitness.


You will need to wear trainers and clothing that you are comfortable working out in for all of our classes. Bring plenty of water and a towel.


So whether you are a gym bunny or sofa surfer, come and give our classes are try.

4Fitsake was set up in 2014 by Helena Housego, who had previously been running exercise and weight loss classes in the area under the Rosemary Conley Franchise for 15 years.   Helena had always loved to dance and entering the fitness industry was ideal, even though she has always battled with weight issues, it has never stopped her from doing what she loves, getting fit and feeling good about herself, regardless of what the scales may say.

"I had joined gyms and tried other classes and always felt uncomfortable and out of place.  That is the reason I started teaching classes.  To make everyone feel equal and that they could achieve a level of fitness and be happy with themselves regardless of their starting point, with no pressure or judgement."

Helena decided that she wanted to help more people feel good about themselves that is when 4Fitsake really took off.     "We are a family.  When you come to class you are with friends.  People know your name and know when you are not there.  We are not a gym,  we are unique, there is no place like 4Fitsake.  It's where everyone belongs".


I haven't exercised since I was at school?


Here at 4fitsake, that doesn't matter  We will have a chat, discuss your worries and make sure your exercises are right FOR YOU


I won't fit in at gym, how are you different?


We pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly non-intimidating class, our membership are all just like you, maybe wanting to lose a few pounds or maybe just get fitter in general.  We are a normal bunch, just like you.  If your looking for a friendly, non judegmental place to workout and have fun, then you have found the right class.

We are a social lot, many of our members come for the friendship, and make new friends

What do I have to do ?


Simply, click any of the buttons offering more info and let us know which class you would like to try. One of our team will get back to you within 24hours.

Look At What Our Clients Think About Us

4Fitsake classes have a great social element to them and I have made some great friends, so for me to spend three night a week with them is a pleasure.  There is such a great choice of classes and the flexibility to try things that we may never have thought of.   I'm so glad I found them.


I really enjoyed it.  Nice mix of ages and abilities, and I liked the idea that it was geared around having fun while exercising,  rather than 'getting it right', and I liked the music - a very nice mix.


I adore 4fitsake... as soon as I started I got the fitness bug and looked forward to and enjoyed every session. The instructors are so welcoming; in other places I've been to I have felt very self conscious whereas here I don't feel judged and can just have a laugh and push myself to my own limits. I've had chronic neck pain from a previous car accident that has lasted for 10 years... since joining 4fitsake this pain has decreased making me a happier person all round. I definitely recommend coming!


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