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Eggtastic Eggs

Eggstatic over eggs

How do you like your eggs cooked, for me there is nothing better than a lovely soft boiled egg with some multigrain bread cut into the obligatory soldiers to dip into those golden yellow yolks, just a little salt and black pepper is heaven for me.

But I hear you say that’s fine but you can’t eat them every day, the old go to work on an egg adage doesn’t apply any more does it?

Well actually and it may surprise you, yes it does!

The recommendation of how many eggs you can eat over the years has changed back and forth, and is now a very common source of confusion.

In the past a restriction was placed on eggs as it was thought that that were high in cholesterol

would contribute to higher blood cholesterol which leads cardiovascular disease – However all the current research being carried out by the British Heart foundation shows that for a normal healthy person cholesterol ion food has little or no effect on blood cholesterol levels, which means eating eggs will not increase the risk of heart disease as was previously thought –

In fact one study showed that a group of people who all ate 2 eggs a day for 6 weeks showed a marked increase in their HDL levels, the good cholesterol which actually prevents the risks of cardiovascular disease by 10%

Eggs are little powerhouse bombs containing a little bit of every nutrient you need for optimal health 9 vitamins minerals protein calcium and zinc to name but a few)

It is amazing that something so small can pack such a punch nutritionally speaking with in average 6g protein and 5g of those healthy fats in a single egg as well as all those vitamins and the antioxidants which support healthy heart, brain and eye health.

Eggs are truly a Superfood and you shouldn’t be afraid to add these cheap tasty gems to your diet.

5 facts you probably didn’t know about eggs

1 –Eggs are back in fashion – HURRAY, in the past 2 years egg sales have increased by more than 10% which is good news for egg producers as well as our health

2 – Eggs are nutritional power bombs naturally high in vitamins and minerals, as well as selenium Iodine as well as lots of other nutrients, important during pregnancy and for child development, such as folate, choline and omega 3 fats

3-Eggs are one of the few sources of vitamin D – just 2 eggs contribute towards nearly 2/3 of your daily recommended intake (RI) which is essential for absorbing calcium, muscle function and strengthening the immune system, and helps in the prevention of SAD (Seasonally affective disorder)

4- Eggs are rich in high quality protein which is key for recovery, particularly after exercise, research has suggested that the protein in eggs will keep you fuller for longer aiding weight loss

5- Eggs are low in calories one medium egg contains only 66Kcals so a great option for anyone trying to lose a few pounds

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