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Things will Change- and for the better

Things Will Change- and for the better!

When you lose weight successfully it isn’t just the numbers on the scales that change although that’s the thing most people tend to focus on.

Lots of people have reported other changes too, often things you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

Whether you’ve just started on your weight loss journey or well on your way to reaching your goal there will be some of these changes you might look forward to yourself, or perhaps have noticed already, that will really spur you on.

Here are just a few of the comments from people. Just like you, They’ve had their highs and lows, good days and bad, but still remain positive and motivated.

We hope these are a few things you have either experienced or you have to look forward to and are things other people have said in your situation:

  • My belt is on the 5th hole instead of the 2nd

  • My ankles are beautiful,

  • My shopping bill has gone down, massively

  • My hair isn't greasy

  • I feel great!

  • Food tastes wonderful

  • I'm such a loser - in the best way possible.

  • My skin is "glowier"!

  • I have had some nice compliments

  • I too have met some great folk

  • I have gone down a frock size

  • My BMI is going down

  • I've regained some confidence

  • I've had support from some of the least likely sources

  • I've found out more about myself

  • I've re-discovered the joy of walking

  • I can wear size 12 easily, sometimes 10's

  • I like myself and have even been known to like my life!

  • I can walk up the stairs without getting out of breath and occasionally run up them!

  • I can race through the woods with my boys and beat them.

  • I no longer have to climb out of the swimming pool sideways to get out via the steps.

  • With every pound I lose I find my confidence growing.

  • I have found loads of other way to reward myself other than food when things get tough.

  • My 9 year old no longer calls me 'fat'!

  • Keep at it, cos we can do this together

  • It's all the little silly things that have made such a difference to me

  • I can put my shoes on and tie my laces with ease, instead of getting into an unbelievable position to do it and being out of breath into the bargain.

  • I can now walk 10 miles with ease (100 yards left me fighting for air)

  • I now do lots of classes love them.

  • I can get up and down from my knees impossibility before)

  • I now find I am craving any form of activity and can't sit still for very long.

  • I have a lot more confidence.

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