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Keep on Keeping On

Keep On ..Keeping On

THAT'S IT.. I am not going to class any more, it doesn't work!

I haven't lost anything now for weeks ?

SOO it doesn't work have we been honest with ourselves?

I had breakfast from the plan .. but did you portion control it?

  • I had a mini Mars bar 80/20 rule .... yes but occasional treats are no every day ones!

  • cheese salad for lunch grated my cheese, and there is always that little bit left isn't there!!

  • I had a latte out and I always put sugar in my coffee and it comes with those little yummy biscuits.. well it would be rude not to eat it!

  • Afternoon cakes at work one of the girls birthdays .. I did share it with girl at my desk

  • So busy today treated the kids to Mac Donald's for tea I had a crispy chicken salad and only a few of the kids chips!

  • Made kids packed lunches and there was a kit-kat over well I can't leave one in the cupboard as the kids would fight.

and so you have been on the bus totally .. what can be the issue Don't be so hard on yourself! losing weight takes time and effort. it does work, and have you considered

Staying the same or just losing half a pound is an achievement in itself? - if you hadn't come to class or watched what you had been eating then would probably would have put on weight

  • It takes time for our bodies to adjust - some people lose weight at a nice steady pace, others go weeks with nothing then drop 5lbs. everyone is different, don't judge yourself against others look at your own weight loss patterns

  • Rapid weight loss isn't healthy - Our bodies cope best with losing a small amount at a time, no more than 1 or 2lbs a week, losing too much means losing muscle.. at the beginning we can lose a huge amount but this is mainly water. Remember exercise more and eating healthily will make sure you lose weight at a rate that is good for YOU!


the hardest bit you will ever do it walk through that door..keep on keeping on and you will see the results you want

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