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7 Steps keep you on track

1- Avoid Stress

STRESS makes you fat!

Your body produces a hormone called cortisol which causes your body to conserve fat when it senses stress.

Take time out, relax more, stop worrying about what the scales say – DE-STRESS have an early night, even if it’s to read a book!

take just 10 minutes a day! Meditate, tune out, listen to music whatever it is you do , A hot candle lit bubble bath.. JUST CHILL OUT

2- Don't Deny yourself

Food it not the enemy it is how you treat it is the problem, Food feeds our brains and bodies, YOU Choose to indulge or not, remember you are in control, if most of your choices are healthy and

good for you, the odd treat won't hurt,

remember the 80/20 rule,

3- Lifestyle

I bet you are bored of hearing it, change your lifestyle, little steps, lead to big changes, and that is all it takes little steps, those little steps become habits you want to keep, So keep on practising chip away at it, Keep making healthier choices and then the next thing you know you will be losing weight and everything would have just seemed to click

4- Realism

Your body is the one you got genetically from your parents, If your mother wasn't a leggy 6 Foot tall supermodel or you father looks like Brad Pitt, then I seriously doubt you will be either. You can only be the best version of yourself you can be, Focus on your health and that is what will happen - the best possible version of you


Not just at classes try to be as active as you can, another habit, find something you enjoy, that you look forward to, it will improve your mood and re-energise you, We all know the suggestions of getting off the bus a stop early or taking the stairs, but whatever it is don't let it feel like a chore,

6- It is not a punishment

You can still love food, try the recipes, invite friends round cook for them too, Find meals you love that become your stand bys, and enjoy the process of finding them, Don't be afraid of food, adapt recipes, if you like garlic add more, if you like it hot throw a chilli in there, enjoy what you eat,

7-Don't be hard on yourself

Mostly you eat healthy, everything in moderation, you exercise, drink your water, so the chance of you blowing it all and undoing all that hard work is slim, So relax, you will get there, and it isn't a race. the longer you stick to it the easier it will become SCIENCE PROVES IT!

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