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Get each day off to a flying start.

Mornings can be manic for us all, follow these 8 little tips to get your morning off and running.

Ignore the snooze button

Research has suggested, dropping back off to sleep when you have woken up can restart the sleep cycle, making you feel groggy. Instead get up as soon as the alarm goes off and spend a couple of minutes stretching, this will get rid of any fluid build up in your joints that may make you feel lethargic and stiff, then drink a pint of cold water to restart your metabolism it will stop that befuddle feeling first thing . Try it!

Check the weather forecast.

Then you will be able to pack the appropriate clothing and extras for the day – the umbrella or the sun cream even an extra bottle of water, don’t get caught out

Be prepared

A study has shown that we spend an extra frustrating 10 mins everyday looking for things that have “moved” Why not hang a mirror by the front door and keep a little bowl there, with your keys a spare lipstick and a comb, those last minute “out the door” items you can use and just put back the bowl when done.

Make time for a good breakfast.

This is essential, your body needs the nutrients and vitamins a good breakfast provides to help with concentration and energy, prepare it the night before so it’s ready to go, even if it’s just some chopped fruit and yoghurt.

Look at your hair care and makeup products.

There are some really good dry shampoos, or two in one products out there, when you are frantically trying to do your hair and makeup every second counts.

Write a list.

The evening before write a list of what needs to be done or what is happening the next day and pin it to the fridge. Who has to be where with what? Who has to pick up something from the shop? Make sure everyone reads it every morning and is aware of those responsibilities, after all everything is always up to you!

Stay away from social media.

A recent survey has shown that 51% of us spend more time checking emails and facebook than getting ready to leave the house. If just have to, set a limit allow yourself 5 mins or so and STICK TO IT even if you have to set an alarm, it is amazing how time can just run away with you.

Prepare your lunch

Do you take a packed lunch to work? Or do you make them for the children, save time by making a weeks’ worth and freezing them. Ham & cheese freeze perfectly well, but a good tip is if you are using something like mayonnaise, spread it between the ham and cheese not onto the bread. Take them out of the freezer to defrost the night before, and prepare whatever fruit/salad you want to go with – grab and go!

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