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Key Nutrients- A quick guide to essential nutrients and what they do,

Calcium –

Needed for –Blood clotting, strong bones and Teeth. May help prevent high blood pressure and protect against prostate and colon cancers

Key sources – Dairy products, Sesame seeds. Almonds Figs,


Needed for – making haemoglobin, the protein found in the blood that carries oxygen around the body, Iron helps with energy levels also.

Key Sources- red meat goji berries, Turmeric, Kale


Needed for – Many of the chemical processes that occur in our bodies, including the production of energy, helps control blood sugar levels and prevent osteoporosis

Key Sources- Buckwheat, Amaranth, pine nuts Brown rice,


Needed for – Healthy bones, blood and nervous system, helps in the prevention of high cholesterol

Key Sources- Buckwheat, Shiitake mushrooms, Goji Berries Cashew nuts.


Needed for – Healthy bones, accessing energy in our foods, nerve and muscle function, protects from heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure

Key Sources- Barley, Buckwheat, Mustard Seeds, Cacao Nibs.


Needed for – Healthy bones and Teeth, accessing energy in foods.

Key Sources- Amaranth, Brown Rice, Garlic, Cashew Nuts, Coconut.


Needed for –Growth, reproduction, wound healing and a healthy immune system, Protects against age related macular degeneration- which is cause of loss of eyesight in older people

Key Sources- Pumpkin seeds, Oats, Thyme.


Needed for –the transmission of nerve impulses and keeping your heart beating, maintaining a healthy blood pressure, helps reduce the risk of stroke and osteoporosis

Key Sources- Fennel, Sweet Potato, Avocado, Banana


Needed for –A healthy Immune system. May help reduce the risk of cancers, lowers high cholesterol levels protects against heart disease and arthritis.

Key Sources- Brazil Nuts, Barley, Salmon, Eggs


Needed for –regulating blood sugar levels, heart health, improves insulin resistance and glucose control for people with diabetes

Key Sources- Pistachios


Needed for manufacturing thyroid hormones which regulate growth and your metabolism

Key Sources- Wakame & Nori (Seaweeds), Eggs

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