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Living in Gratitude

Are you looking to feel happier and more fulfilled?

The experts are all saying just learn to say thanks more often and you will see the benefits.

Fed up with feeling fed up?

Giving thanks can help; it is as easy as thinking about what you have to be grateful for and writing it down or saying it out loud,

Before you cringe and put it all down to Mumbo Jumbo countless studies have proved the benefits of feeling gratitude

People become more optimistic they tend to exercise more, it boosts positive emotions reduces anxiety and depression it can even help you sleep better and lower blood pressure.

How to feel it?

It isn’t about feeling naturally grateful but training yourself in the act of gratitude. That doesn’t mean ignoring the bad stuff, but our minds tend to dwell on negative events, reminding ourselves of the good things, helps us put those less pleasant things into perspective.

How to start?

Well mindfulness is a good place, along with mediation, but keeping a journal or diary can help, it’s about what works for you as long as you do it daily – you will have to be your own experiment

Before you go to bed write down 3 good things about your day, as little as sun was shining, helpful girl in Tesco. Research has shown doing this everyday for a week can help to increase your happiness.


This is a hard one, next time someone offers to do something nice for you LET THEM, we tend to think we will owe them something in return, but just allow them then express your gratitude –

Express yourself!

Have you always meant to say thank you to a family member for everything they do for you, or that best friend who is always there ...well tell them! Write it down, thank them in detail and explain the effect their actions have had on you. Receiving a message like that is a powerful of making them feel good about themselves, making the people around you a little bit happier, Heck splash it on facebook!

Praise good work!

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Particularly at work, and when you are praised it increases job satisfaction and productivity- tell someone at work how much you appreciate something they did. You don’t have to be the boss, we all work together so don’t wait just do it!

Look for the silver lining!

Bad day- flip it yes it’s raining but you have an umbrella, If you have had a bad day acknowledge what went wrong first then move on to the good things, you have acknowledged the bad then moved on leaving it behind.

People Power!

Spend a little time imagining your life without your partner or best friend, write down the ways that person brings you joy and how you would feel if they weren’t around, this will make you feel grateful to know them and will help you foster a deeper respect and happier relationship with them.

If you do nothing else simply make a habit of saying thank you and meaning it, whether to your kids, your partner, the person who let you sit down on the train, It’s not about being mushy or sentimental just MEAN IT!

There are lots of tools out there to help

An online journal – with a 21day gratitude challenge

Or try share your grateful thoughts and get inspired by others.

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