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Why aren't I losing weight?

These are the real reasons why we don’t lose weight –

on the very odd occasion it may be medical – ie change of medication with a side effect of weight gain or if you are following everything to the letter and still not seeing results I would refer you to your GP in case it is a thyroid problem

Where do you sometimes get it wrong outside of the reasons above: You will slow your body down if you

Removing carbs from your diet – you should include a portion at each meal time – cereal, bread, rice pasta, potatoes. Carbs are your fuel – you need them for energy so don’t remove them from your diet.

Lack of water - Your body is 50-60% water. Drinking 6-8 glasses a day helps your body function properly. This is particularly important when exercising

Snack on too much fruit – It does add up -(better than having high fat treats but still need to be controlled)

Don’t eat Breakfast – important to eat breakfast before 10.00 am to get the metabolism started – you will burn more fat in this way.

Not eating enough – yes it is true if you reduce your intake too much you will lose weight but you won’t be losing fat but lean tissue – that is why all these faddy diets give you so much weight loss initially and then when you start normal eating you put it on again.

It is all a question of balance – eating enough of the good healthy stuff to keep you feeling full Eat those low gi foods that release energy slowly but not depriving yourself of some of the “naughty foods” the Little Extras which is why we can include treats and alcohol in small doses. If you can control and get the balance right in the day you will lose weight.

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