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Which fruit are you?

It's always hard to find clothes to suit you.

Maybe you should look at your body shape..


The Pear body shape

The classic Pear, This much maligned and most common of all body shapes is often not viewed very positively and carries a rather frumpy and drab image. This is totally unfair though and has lots of advantages.

To start with because around 60% of UK women between 18 and 30 are Pears and this grows every year, the rather set in its ways fashion industry has finally had to admit that only 6% of women are the classic Hourglass shape that much of its output was based on. This means a lot of off the peg clothes on the high street are naturally made for you lucky Pears so dressing to impress is just a case of choosing wisely.

There is often the idea that Pears are overweight and this can also be totally untrue, Pears have all the good stuff going on up top and this is always a huge bonus, back, boobs and arms are usually all winners so it's just a question of emphasising them to naturally balance everything below the waist

Bring out your best:

Balance out your curvy bottom half with bold bright tops or tops with large collars, lapels or sleeves . Anything that enhances your shoulders. Strapless dresses with generous skirts. A-line skirts (long ones only). Coats with belts. Flat fronted wide leg trousers. Just keep the focus on your lovely slim top and the rest will naturally follow.

Best to avoid:

Tube, pencil and fishtail skirts, especially tight-fitting ones will only emphasise your hips and behind and tight fitting Jeans

The Strawberry body shape

Sassy strawberry-shaped ladies have a figure that’s bigger up top than on their bottom half because of broad shoulders and/or big boobs in relation to their waist and hips. Broad shoulders and slender hips can give Strawberries an athletic, even boyish look but it’s easy to soften with the right wardrobe.

Bring out your best:

Fuller skirts /Flared skirts and wide leg trousers will balance out your body shape beautifully. Use belts: Using some interesting belts can really enhance the hip A scooped V neckline Don’t be afraid of bright colour on your bottom half.

Best to avoid:

Shoulder pads and tapering trousers are an absolute no-no! Also steer clear of puff sleeves, epaulettes and halter necks. High neck clothes Box shaped clothes: Flowing tops .

Light colours: If you wear the light colours on top, it will make your top portion look bigger (light colours make things look bigger). As a rule, you should avoid wearing light colours on top.

The Double Cherry body shape

lucky ladies have the curves that are the essence of what makes a woman a woman but you worry that these curves can make it difficult to find clothes as your big bosom and short waist can contribute to making your whole body look shorter than it really is which has the knock on effect of making you look like you weigh more than you do – disaster!

Fear not though, Cherry ladies are so easy to dress, it's simply a case of realizing you have nothing to hide and accentuating everything you have. Nearly all men enjoy the shape of a woman who looks like a woman so let’s see those boobs and that nice round bottom in figure hugging clothes that show you for what you are you foxy minx

Bring out your best:

Wrap dresses, waist-cinching belts and flared or wide leg jeans will work wonders. Cardigans with plunging necks Fitted dresses that stretch the waist Double button jackets Pencil skirts

Best to avoid:

Baggy sleeves Flouncy blouses Smocks or anything very lose fitting, Chunky boots

The Rhubarb body shape

Well, it’s not rocket science, the Rhubarb body shape is long and straight! Generally Rhubarbs don’t have broad shoulders but their busts are the same width as their slender hips and they don’t have much in the way of a waist, tummy or bottom. Coupled with long legs this body shape is very much straight up and down so, not surprisingly, the key to making Rhubarbs look good is to try to introduce a little shape and emphasise (or indeed create) some curves.

The good news for all Rhubarbs is that this look is actually not at all difficult to achieve and you lucky ladies will get wonderful results for the minimum effort. Go for dramatic cuts for your upper body, anything angular or bold that draws the gaze to its extreme edges and gives the illusion of shape. Avoid like the plague anything that just hangs straight down or is shapeless and has no detail.

Bring out your best:

A structured coat that cinches in with a belt will make you look more curvy Round neck pullovers. Belted coats with hip pockets. Cropped trousers. A-line skirts. Flared trousers (but don’t overdo it!) Big accessories to add shape.

Best to avoid:

Low rise jeans and trousers can make your torso look too long. Stay away from sheath dresses and stick to styles with more shape instead. Anything shapeless, particularly long coats and dresses. Straight dresses. Crop tops.

The Apple body shape

Not surprisingly, roundness is the defining feature of the Apple body shape. You are generally soft and have the kind of body that people love to cuddle (you lucky thing!). The not so lucky part is that this body shape is often rather a challenge to find good clothes for which leads lovely Apples to simply cover themselves with meters of fabric to obscure what they see as a difficult body shape. However, this need not be the case – you’ve got wonderful assets many flat chested ladies would die for and these should form the focus of your look, keep the eyes up top and don’t invite them to spend too much time lower down. As you are well blessed in the bust, you should invest in a good bra and you Apples of all body shapes need the right size to make the most of your bust line so please, get measured.

Keep away from any tight fitting clothes and go instead for flowing fabrics that hang majestically from your bosom. This isn’t code for please buy the biggest kaftans in the shop and hide in it, we mean flattering flowing garments not shapeless tents that are simply too big.

Bring out your best:

Empire line and longer length tops will flatter your figure. Go for low-ish necklines to draw the eye upwards. Tops that are tight under the breasts. Side fastening pleated skirts. Tops with gathered fabric around the stomach that emphasise the bust line. Straight cut coats.

Best to avoid:

Short, boxy jackets and pleated or tiered. Tight T shirts, particularly large shapeless ones. High wasted trousers. Anything that adds bulk to you (padded jackets etc).



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