Fancy joining us?  Want to stay fit, want to start to get fit?
Join us now from your kitchen, living room, hallway or bedroom, wherever you have a bit of space, or live face to face, we can get you moving and smiling again.
We offer classes via Zoom or Facebook Live or Face to Face
 with extra recorded ones in our large library of classes.

Fun and friendly exercise with no judgement

just encouragement



  • Not a fan of going to the gym?

  • Feel you just couldn't keep up?

  • Concerned you will be the "odd one out"?

  • Want to get motivated?

  • Want to exercise with like minded, and like bodied people just like you?

  • Would rather have the flexibility of being able to workout anywhere even on holiday?

  • Don't feel safe enough to return to face to face classes or are desperate to be with people again - we can help.

If you are fed up of the fitness world, the media and pretty much everyone telling you to be a certain way, well we are here to say you are enough.  

Helena has run fitness classes in Basingstoke and Tadley since 1999, to help people feel good, relaxed, encouraged, and happy.  But now we are online so you can live anywhere and join in.  

It doesn't matter if you are looking to change your body, your mood or your lifestyle, you will not be alone at 4Fitsake.

Look At What Our Clients Think About Us

I absolutely love 4fitsake! It's the one place I feel 100% comfortable, with absolutely 0% judgment on how well you can exercise or how you look! And the classes are so varied and fun! You will not find a more welcoming bunch of people anywhere!  I'm so glad I've found 4fitsake.

L Calver

Great class again.  Thank you and so lovely to see everyone on screen joining in.  Like we are all together.

H Witney

Its great fun dancing around in the dark with our glowsticks in our kitchens/lounges/conservatories.  Well done.

S James

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