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7 Reasons your diet fails!

7 reasons your diet fails

1 – Eating calorie full foods.

There are some ingredients that look really healthy, but in actual fact are full of calories, things like pasta sauces or ready meals, and in particular takeaways – Not seeing the cooking process means you can’t be sure what is going into that meal- Look for hidden calories in fizzy drinks including flavoured waters

2- Under estimating your intake

When you are looking at what you have eaten for the day it can be very easy to overlook on underestimate what you have eaten, this is easily done if you are uncertain of the the content of certain foods, if you are eating on the go and not paying as much attention as you should, you can easily over do it and eat more than you need.

3-Not burning off enough energy

A key part of any healthy lifestyle is exercise – even if it’s a gentle walk, this will burn energy and calories meaning that your food is used as fuel for your body. This will help you sleep another important factor in remaining healthy; actually losing sleep is another factor in why you can’t lose weight.

4- Making your diet too strict.

Setting unrealistic goals will never help you succeed with a diet change. If you really love cheese or chocolate, cutting these out totally can result in bingeing, it about maintaining a healthy attitude towards what you enjoy and eating them in moderation that is the key, It will give you the boost you need to stick to the plan whilst allowing you to indulge and not feel restricted.

5- Poor timing of meals.

We all have busy lifestyles and things to do and this can result in grabbing on the go, eating late, or skipping meals at certain times of the day. Eating late can encourage the body to store calories as fat and not burn them as energy as you would do during the day, when you are active, exercise or simply getting on with the housework.

6- Looking at it as a fix not a lifestyle.

Quick fixes and fads are just not sustainable and are always temporary measures. Instead if you start on a plan which is easy to maintain that can become part of your daily lifestyle without becoming over whelming, you are more likely to succeed, Simply adding more fruit or veg into what you are cooking is a simple step that will see a positive impact.

7- Boredom

It can be too easy to reach for a snack in the evening whilst watch TV, or in the afternoon when you feel your energy slumping, these little bits during the day can really de rail your plans, Snacking isn’t bad just make sure you have the right snack, planned ones to hand, fruit nuts, veggie sticks all will give you a boost without adding unnecessary sugar and fats.

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