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5 ways to fill up on fibre

There are 2 types of dietary fibre, INSOLUBLE and SOLUBLE

If you suffer from constipation, gradually increasing the amount of soluble fibre you consume is the way to go – foods such as fruits, vegetables and oats- these help soften the stool and make them easier to pass.

Insoluble fibre passes straight through and doesn’t dissolve, but it is essential to help other foods pass through your system, keeping the bowels healthy and preventing digestive problems’

The NHS state that the average person is consuming a tiny 18grams per day a little over half the recommended amount of 30grams per day

Try these 5 ideas to boost your intake

1 – Avocados

We know the benefits of the healthy oils of these fruits, but 1 medium, avocado can give you upto 13grams of fibre almost half your daily requirements!

2- Artichokes

Artichokes aren’t actually a vegetable they are members of the thistle family – part of the sunflower family! As a thistle they promote the removal of toxins from the body via the liver they also contain around 6.5grams of fibre per portion


Fresh coconut chunks seem to be everywhere now it is low in sugar and carbohydrates but is naturally very high in fibre 100g of fruit will give you around 9grams of fibre

4- Dark chocolate

Yes you read that right dark chocolate –it is surprisingly high in fibre due to the cacao beans chose one that’s at least 70% or higher and 100g will give you 11grams of fibre.

5-Chai seeds

Just two tablespoons of these little marvels will give you 10grams of fibre, that 20% of your daily intake. Sprinkle it over your porridge or make chai seed porridge itself.

Other tips,

Make sure you get your minimum of 5 per day – Remember eat that rainbow

Always think brown instead of white-when it comes to pasta and bread and other starchy carbohydrates.

Keep the skins on – don’t peel those spuds and other veg

Start the day with wholegrain – either cereal or porridge

Pulses – eat those lentils, chickpeas ½ a can of kidney beans has 10grams of fibre a 1/3 of your daily needs , and remember they are FREE on our plan

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