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Christmas Quiz

What’s the best breakfast to help relieve a hangover? Which drink will do the most damage to your waistline at the Christmas Party and what should you avoid on the cheeseboard? Test out your knowledge with our fun Christmas Quiz and pick up a few tips to help avoid some of the major health pitfalls that line the festive season.

Which will do the most damage to your waistline at the Christmas party?

a) Red wine?

b) White wine?

c) Sparkling wine?

Which snack contains the most salt?

a) Olives

b) Crisps

c) Pistachios

It’s the morning after the night before. What’s the best hangover-relieving breakfast?

a) Poached egg with spinach

b) A green vegetable juice

c) Plain full-fat yoghurt with pumpkin seeds and chopped almonds

Faced with the cheese board, which is your best option to limit your intake of saturated fat?

a) Brie

b) Stilton

c) Cheddar

Which cracker contains the most fibre?

A). Oatcake

b). Rice cake

c). Water biscuit

If you’re trying to keep your sugar intake down, would you be wisest to accept:

a) A mince pie

b) A slice of Christmas cake

c) A helping of Christmas pud

Which Christmas meat will leave you feeling the most cheerful?

a) Goose

b) Turkey

c) Partridge

Which of these popular stuffing mixes contains some surprising hidden health benefits?

a) Pork sausage meat with sage and onion

b) Pork sausage meat with chestnut and thyme

c) Pork sausage meat with apple and cranberry

Which of these luxury treats is most likely to bring on an attack of gout?

a) A glass of port

b) A fresh lobster canapé

c) A portion of stilton

What’s the best snack to leave out for Santa if you want to make sure he completes his rounds?

a) A glass of sherry and a mince pie

b) A portion of hummus and carrot sticks

c) A sausage roll

For the answers to this quiz click the link below

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